2013 Lectures

Lecture slides and notes (where available) for the 2012/13 cohort are uploaded here. You may wish to download the lectures from the JC1 2013 cohort on the other page as they come in; our notes will be improved in a few ways.


All My Sons (JC2 2013)


The Age of Innocence (JC1 2012)


Paper 3 Revision (JC2 2013)


A Streetcar Named Desire (JC2 2013)


The Scarlet Letter (JC2 2013)


Othello (JC1 2012)


11 thoughts on “2013 Lectures

  1. Hi Mr Lim your slides are really captivating. Where do you get your photos from? Oh and there is a lecture on love and hate for Streetcar and it hasn’t been uploaded. Thank you for the wonderful resources 🙂

  2. Point taken; I’ll ask Mr. Fahy / Mr. Na about it! Appreciate the nudge – I generally pester and pester some more but struggle to keep track sometimes 😉

  3. Sorry it took so long but it’s up now. I’ve re-classified it as Lecture 7 – hope it’s right. I’m in the process of reviewing Mr. Na’s lecture with him, so that’ll be up by the end of the week (again, I hope).

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