This is the really-not-new and should-be-ending-its-shelf-life-soon Literature blog from the creative right toe-nail (that independently contemplates a retreat into the harsher confines of an advertising agency cubicle) of Marc Kenji Lim. However dead the poets and writers we will analyse may be, this page should be as alive as ever (ever).

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi. I’m a student of CJC and I hope this platform can be locked up… i’ve various friends from other colleges benefiting from this and I don’t think this is fair.

  2. hello mr lim! there are many essays on age and ams but at most three for othello/ streetcar/ scarlet .. could you upload them for study break revision? 🙂

  3. Is there chance some content can be accessible to the public? It could really help some anguished souls who are struggling in the literature realm 😭

  4. Hi, i agree with anguished soul, to quote Miller: “I guess they were all my sons.” It would really help, and it is really sad for “fairness” to triumph over the betterment of fellow Literature students, of every man.

  5. Hi i’m a student from another JC and my JC doesn’t really give much notes, and i’m really worried about my A levels 😦 I was wondering if I could access this blog in any way… i would leave my email here for you to contact me if possible.

  6. Is there any possibility that some content here can be open accessible to the public? That could help me a lot because now I’m taking the literature course and i find this blog very useful for my revision and term paper. By the way I’m from Thailand. I would leave my email here if you want to give me a password of some sorts that could allow me to read your content. Thank you in advance.

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