1. Age as Bildungsroman
  2. Age Ironic Nostalgia Pt 1
  3. Age Ironic Nostalgia Pt 2
  4. Weak Faust
  5. Discipline of Manners
  6. Wall of Culture
  7. Poor Archer
  8. A Buried Life
  9. American tragedy
  10. Women and Art
  11. Fire and ice
  12. Crisis of a Countess
  13. Cult of Passion
  14. Transparent Eyes of May
  15. Wharton and Sympathy
  16. The Age of Innocence (Hermione Lee)
  17. Archaeological Metaphors



  1. All My Sons (Steven Centola)
  2. All My Sons (A Critical Study)
  3. Guthrie Study Guide
  4. Introduction to AMS
  5. Miller’s Heroes
  6. Individual and Society in Miller’s plays
  7. Role of Family in Miller’s plays
  8. Critic Criticism Critics (Barker)
  9. A Precursor to Miller’s Dramatic World
  10. The Art of the Possible
  11. The Temptation of Innocence
  12. Tradition of Social Drama
  13. A Political Dramatist in America
  14. Realism and Tragedy
  15. Tragedy and the Common Man
  16. Compilation on Death of a Salesman



  1. Race Adultery and the Hideous
  2. Cosmopolitan Man and the Political Community
  3. Damnation of Othello
  4. Endopsychic Drama
  5. Iago the Psychopath
  6. The Overgarrulous Iago



  1. Realism and Ambiguity in Streetcar
  2. Victimization in Streetcar
  3. Symbolic devices in Streetcar 
  4. Criticism on Streetcar
  5. Invisible Existence in Streetcar
  6. Critical Perspectives to Streetcar
  7. A Streetcar Running 50 Years
  8. Hollywood in Crisis



  1. Family and Fiction in Scarlet
  2. Form and Content in Scarlet
  3. Passion and Authority in Scarlet
  4. Sentimental Motifs in Scarlet
  5. The Element of Witchcraft
  6. Impotence and Omnipotence in Scarlet
  7. Citizen Hester – Scarlet as Civic Myth
  8. Narrative Techniques in Scarlet
  9. Landscape Modes in Scarlet



  1. The Ode Less Travelled by Stephen Fry
  2. The Art of Fiction by David Lodge,
  3. English Literature: An Introduction for Foreign Readers by R. J. Reees
  4. Understanding the Elements of Literature by R. Taylor,
  5. The Criticism of Poetry by R. H. Burton
  6. Poetry – The Basics by J. Wainwright

5 thoughts on “Articles

  1. Hi Mr Lim, Any critical essay and readings on taming for their dramatic techniques?
    Besides the lecture slides..
    Thanks! (:

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